Annually the Border AIDS Partnership releases RFP’s for granting opportunities.  To apply for a grant from us you need to complete our grant application and submit it back to us by the due date listed.  All proposals will be reviewed by our Board.  Funding decisions are based on the merits of the proposal, priorities for any particular area in need of greater help, and the availability funds.

What types of programs and projects does BAP support?
The Border AIDS Partnership provides funding to programs and projects that:
  • Promote HIV/AIDS education to youth and adults; with an emphasis on supporting programs aimed at educating at-risk populations such as men who have sex with men, individuals in impoverished communities, injection drug users, individuals who engage in sex for money, and individuals who are incarcerated.
  • Provide testing for HIV/AIDS
  • Provide services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide education/services to individuals caring for family members or life-partners living with HIV/AIDS

What types of programs does BAP NOT support?
Unless there is compelling reason to do so, BAP generally, does not provide funding to the following types of requests:
  • For operating budgets
  • Travel expenses
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Political activism programs