The business of the Border AIDS Partnership is helping; and our business is effortful. Our community, profoundly feels the 

effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic because of our unique cross border culture. We feel the effects of a large migrant workforce, 

frequent cross border traffic with Mexico and New Mexico along with the challenges these bring. Many members of these 

immigrant communities are fearful of approaching government agencies for assistance, information or services. In some cases 

this is due to a language barrier, in other it may be because of other concerns. In Ciudad Juárez Mexico, the situation is much 

more crucial. As the city continues to rebuild its public safety issues, many residents still feel fearful and find themselves without 

many services. These unique characteristics in our community combine to present a challenge that is best combated with 

community-based, grassroots type programs that reach individuals with education, wellness techniques, testing and

prevention kits at a family and neighborhood level; and that is what we do. The Border AIDS Partnership is only able to help 

with the support of our donors. With their support we help promote innovative and effective initiatives by providing the needed 

funding, oversight and support to frontline health and social workers who go out to the fields, to the

colonias and to the schools and to make a difference in stopping this epidemic in our multi-state; multi-national community.